Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 39: Lootbox Apocalypse

October 20, 2017

Fortnite BR mode passes 10 Million Players

  • 44 million hours played.
  • 3.7 million daily active users
  • 525,000 peak concurrent


Epic Games Sues Alleged Fornite Cheaters

Epic Games has made 2 individual civil complaints. They are being accused of  been accused of copyright infringement, contributory copyright infringement, breach of contract, and intentional interference with contractual relations. Epic Game’s complaint reads as follow: “The software that Defendant uses to cheat infringes Epic’s copyrights in the game and breaches the terms of the agreements to which Defendant agreed in order to have access to the game.”


EA Addresses Battlefront Loot Crates

Unlocking loot crates will yield Star Cards, Outfits, Emotes and Victory Poses. Star Cards are are items you can equip for a buff. EA is saying that the most powerful items won’t be in the crates and unlocked via achievements. Most of the cards and weapons will be accesses by playing and ranking up.


ESRB Does Not Consider Loot Boxes Gambling


Dungeonland Chroma Squad Launch Kickstarter for RPG Relic Hunters Legend


NISA Apologizes for Ys 8 Translation Promises to Apply Fixes in November

Ys 8 has been getting criticized for it’s awkward translations done by NISA for the first time. The usual translation team for the Ys games, XSEED was not hired on for Ys 8 translation. The Japanese press has been picking up stories on the “strange quality” of the localization. NIS America president Takura Yamashita has written an apology and assured that changes are coming soon. There will be a new translation with a new editor and patched in late November.


The Good Life FIG Fails

In a tweet SWERY reflects on the Fig campaign and shares more details on the crowdfunded project. He says he regretted not informing people on not sharing that the game will be developed by Yukio Futatsugi’s company (creator of Panzer Dragoon) and the art director for Rez Noboru Horita is on board too. SWERY says he will launch a Kickstarter for this and hopefully start it later this year.


Shovel Knight and Battletoads Team Up

The trio has been in the Xbox version for the last two years but now they are on PC.


Ninja Theory Donates Proceeds From Hellblade to Mental Health Charity Rethink

On October 10th Ninja Theory donated all proceeds from purchases of Hellblade to Rethink on World Mental Health Day.


God Eater 3 Trailers


WWE 2K18 Features KFC’s Colonel Sanders as a Playable Character


New Mario Trailer Has Him Possessing Real People

In this new trailer, we see Mario possess real people and animals mixing CGI Mario with real-life actors/broadway dancers.


Charged Up Ep. 23 - Porgs! (And some other stuff)

October 17, 2017

This week Justin and Ben are joined by Chris (@Metalblade427) to discuss what futuristic sci-fi movie world they'd most like to live in, proper panel etiquette at conventions, and what live TV streaming services are available for all the shows coming back this fall while this podcast is away for a few weeks. Also, the news gets commandeered by the adorableness that is Porgs from the new Star Wars trailer.

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Show Notes:

Justin - @Zero_Score

Ben - @Marvelousiggy

Chris - @Metalblade427


Charged Up Ep. 22: A Saga About Saga

October 10, 2017
This week, Justin and Ben rush the show a bit before Ben leaves for vacation, but they still have some time to discuss all things space...specifically comparing the new shows The Orville and Star Trek: Discovery, and also giving a spoiler free review of the first 12 issues of Saga in hopes that more people will understand how amazing it is.
Justin - @Zero_Score
Ben - @Marvelousiggy

Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 37: Punch Me Daddy

October 6, 2017

News Topics          

Nintendo Creators Program Updated User Guide

Nintendo has updated their creators program to exclude streaming on YouTube. 

Atlus Issues DMCA to Patreon To Remove Patreon Page For PS3 Emulator

RPCS3 is the name of the PS3 emulator being made. They have put up a Patreon page asking for compensation on their work. Atlus’ claim is that the devs for the emulator is circumventing their DRM and making the game available on a platform not intended. Atlus acknowledged that the PS3 emulator is not infringing on their rights. Patreon did not agree with their request. The emulator team removed any mention of Persona 5 on their page. 

“We don’t want their first experiences to be framerate drops, or crashes, or other issues that can crop up in emulation that we have not personally overseen."

Prepare For More Megaman New December

The Good Life Adds Dogs

The Good Life from Swery will now let you choose which game you would prefer to play. One with dogs or one with cats. The game has reached 18% of it’s goal with 13 days left. The FAQ has not mentioned any plans for if the project has not been funded successfully. 

Fortnite Battle Royale Sees 1 Million Player At Launch

Agents of Mayhem Dev Volition Sees Layoffs

Ataribox Will Run Linux with Cost Projection of $250-$300

The machine will run PC games, but it will also be capable of doing streaming, running apps, browsing the web, and playing music. As far as games go, the machine will run the kind of games that a mid-range PC can do today, but it won’t run Triple-A games that require high-end PC performance.

Sea of Thieves Almost Had PC and Console Specific Sails

Game Companies and Voice Actors Reach Tentative Agreement

This strike started 1 year ago against 11 video game companies. 

“new transparency provisions,” like disclosing projects’ code names and genres, as well as whether projects will necessitate profanity, sexual content, violence or racial slurs

Bonus payment restructuring: beginning with a $75 payment on the first session and totaling $2,100 after 10 sessions worked.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer

You will play as Arthur Morgan and experience the story about him and the Van der Linde gang. 

Early Yoshi Prototype

The original concept for Yoshi was more of a reptilian dinosaur and less cute.

Yoshi Has Been Getting Punched All Along

From an interview with Kotaku, Yoshi Island designer Hino, he always designed Yoshi as a character getting punched then the Yoshi shoots its tongue out in surprise. 


Charged Up Ep. 21: Predicting the Future of Kingsman

October 4, 2017
This week Justin and Ben complain about CBS All Access and the sudden prevalence of online subscription services, and then come up with ideas for the next Kingsman sequel and have some fun with the fan casting. There's also a wee bit of news to cover.
Justin - @Zero_Score
Ben - @Marvelousiggy

Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 36: Hang Out With My Switch Out

September 29, 2017

This week Ben gushes over Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Thomas keeps playing Ys 8, Nero keeps playing Fortnite and Justin hangs out with his switch out. 

News Topics          

More Characters Coming to MvCI

Monster Hunter, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Venom later this year.

MvCI collector’s edition included infinity stones but they looks more like infinity eggs to me

Raiden is joining Infamous 2

Build Your Own Zelda

Solarus is a 2D zelda game engine built on C++ 

Last Battleborn Update

Servers will still remain but after the fall update there will be no more Battleplans and no more planned content.

Battlegrounds surpasses DOTA2’s all time concurrent record

All time peak concurrent players: 1,462,708

Project X PUBG Clone Features 400-Player PVP Matches

This game will also feature dynamic weather, roaming wildlife social hubs, and “player-driven story”. This game is coming from UK developer Automaton.

Fortnite Releases BR mode f2p first on September 26th 2017

Bluehole VP Chang Han Kim Concerned About Fortnite’s Battle Royale Mode

Epic Games has included a Battle Royale mode in their new game that shamelessly copies the mode from PUBG. In addition, they also include PUBG by name in their promotional materials and press releases. 

PUBG uses the UE4 engine so they’ve had an ongoing relationship in some capacity before this.

Fortnite Bridges Gap Between PS4 and Xbox One

Xbox and PS4 players got to play together briefly. Epic Games has said there was a configuration issue and now it has been fixed. They have said they are in favour for it along with Microsoft while Sony has not been in support of cross play with other titles. 

Switch Getting New Picross Game

New Picross game from Jupiter who made a load of them ever since Game Boy. The new game is called Picross S boasting 300 puzzles and be priced $8 released on September 28th. The game will include a local co-op play.

Steam Adding Review Graphs

Valve is hoping that the new review graph will help show potential purchasers the reviews in correspondence to the time the reviews were posted. For instance, if a game is getting positive reviews early on then suddenly shows a bunch of negative reviews it theoretically shows when a review bomb occurs. You can read reviews that take place during the timeline you explore.  Valve’s Alden Kroll said they thought about taking a more hands on approach but decided against it. Gamasutra asked Valve if they plan on working further on combating review bombing and Vavle wrote back and the gist is no. 

TGS News 

Left Alive Announced 

New game from Square Enix. The game is being made from the Armored Core director Toshifumi Nabeshima and features character designs by Metal Gear character designer Yoki Shinkawa. Also including talent from Final Fantasy and Xenoblade Chronicles X. This game is teased for 2018 released on PS4. 

Monster Hunter World Release Date January 26th 2018

Zone of Enders: 2nd Runner Remastered with VR support

Neko Atsume Cat Collecting Sim Comes to PSVR

The Switch Holds a Secret Tribute to Iwata

This isn’t entirely confirmed yet but the Switch is supposedly has the code to the NES game Golf built-in to each console. In order to gain access to the NES emulator and game Golf a person will need to switch the time on their console to July 11th without ever connecting to the internet and make the gesture Iawta made in the Nintendo Directs. 

The way they found out that Golf was built-into the Switch was that someone claimed they played it, someone else found the word flog in the Switch code, and the modder yellows8 found the emulator and game through memory access.


Charged Up Ep. 20: Don’t Let Brett Ratner Hear This

September 26, 2017
This week Justin and Ben just take a week to casually chat about what they've been interested in lately, because sometimes the world is just too crazy to feel like talking about serious topics and it's better to escape behind a TV or good book. They also catch up on two weeks worth of news, and come to the realization that Brett Ratner is just a bad filmmaker, all around.
Justin - @Zero_Score
Ben - @Marvelousiggy

Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 35: Doom vs Samus

September 22, 2017

This week the crew gathers around to talk about the latest Nintendo Direct and get excited about the potential of Doom Guy in Smash Brothers fighting Samus. 

News Topics          

Okami HD Dated For PS4, Xbox One and PC

This will have 4K visuals and you can switch between the original 4:3 aspect ratio or widescreen. The original interactive loading screen and bonuses with them will be in the game.The game will release for $19.99

Minecraft 3DS

Minecraft wasn’t on a platform yet so they put Minecraft on it now. This version won’t have the Better Together Update. 

NES Classic Returns SNES Classic Increases Stock

The NES classic will return to stores in Summer 2018. “subsequent shipments arriving in stores regularly." Regie Fils Aime came out and to not overpay for a SNES classic on auction sites.

Grow Home Grow Up Team Announced New FPS: Atomega

In this game you play as a cube and can get bigger by collecting smaller cubes. Getting biggers gets you a bigger form. It shows you can fire lasers as a giant robot. This game involves the concept of knack. Individual parts make you bigger. It’s an online only game where players take part in 10-minute fights up to 8 players. This game is coming out on September 19th for Steam. 

Journey Devs New Game Sky is Apple Exclusive

Not much is known about the game. The game is described as a romantic social game. The game will launch on Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and come to other devices in 2018.

Nintendo Switch Online App Update

The Nintendo Switch Online App will now enable you to keep talking with friends even after the phone screen is turned off.

Arcade Archives Coming to Switch

Mario Bros, VS. Super Mario Bros., VS. Balloon Fight, VS. Ice Climber, VS. Pinball and VS. Clu Clu Land

Mario Bros coming September 27th.

Project Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler is a new game from Square Enix. A demo is released so you can try it out. It’s artstyle is 2D sprites/3D world. 

Doom and Wolfenstein 2 Announced For Switch

Doom and Wolfenstein 2 will be coming to the Switch. The Doom version coming to Switch will omit the Snapmap function for the game. The multiplayer aspect of the game will be missing from the physical cartridge but can be downloaded to the SD card. Wolfenstein 2 will be released on the Switch in 2018 after the Xbox One, PS4 and PC release. Skyrim is also coming to the Switch on November 17th 2017


Charged Up: Kingsman The Secret Service Spy-along

September 19, 2017
This week Justin, Ben, and Thomas present an episode outside of time as they commentate while watching the 2015 spy action movie from Matthew Vaughn, Kingsman: The Secret Service, just in time for its sequel to release in theaters. So feel free to watch it along with us, or just hear our thoughts as we watch if you're so inclined, and we'll be back with our regularly scheduled programming next week!