Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 26: Cheaters Always Win

July 21, 2017

News Topics

Ni No Kuni Pushed Back to 2018

January 19th 2018 is the new release date

Her Story follow up - Telling Lies

Telling Lies will "follow the same interactive-movie format as Her Story" and will have Annapurna Interactive's financial support. Annapurna recently released What Remains of Edith Finch as its first video game backed project.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Getting First Person Servers and FOV Slider

Fov slider will only effect the first person camera. 

First Person dedicated servers

Some Pokemon Bullshit

Ash movie without Brock and Misty

JUMP Game Streaming Service

Jump uses a web-based technology that allows them to launch games directly in the Jump client. This means they can run locally by only pulling the assets they need.

Launching with 60 to 100 games


Beta period until July 24 with a sample library of 10 to 20 games,

Estimates to be about 25 to 50 cents per one hour of playtime per user.

70% of net revenue

There is already a service like this called Utomik. 

Card Game About Sheep Fucking Is Dark

40,000 Steam Accounts Banned For Cheating

Steam accounts were buying cheap games for a duplicate account for cheating. 

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