Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 28: Millennial Babies

August 4, 2017

After the heights of last week, the crew gets back together with a man down. This week they have to fight through a sea of millennial babies, and Final Fantasy comrades. 


Show Notes: 


House Party Delisted On Steam

#jannnk game got delisted on steam for being “too pornographic”. The game is meant to be satirical which you can find the tone being consistent along their dev blogs and Patreon page. Considered a “throwback” to games like Leisure Suit Larry. Steam has been inconsistent by letting hentai/erotic visual novels dominate the market place.

Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Mode Revealed

New mode is called Comrades. Holding beta testing from August 3rd to 8th. You will be able to create your own customer character and join three others. Your characters can be customized with different clothing options. Different weapons include katanas, crossbows, shuriken, shields and all new moves.

Final Fantasy XV Regalia Comes To Forza Horizon 3 August 1st

If you played Final Fantasy 15 on Xbox you can download the Regalia for free for Forza Horizon 3. The thing you’ve always wanted to do in Final Fantasy 15 you can now do in Forza Horizon 3.

Need For Speed Payback Customization Trailer

No Switch version announced. Executive Producer said they would be interested in making a version but just not something they are looking at doing now. In this trailer they straight up had Dom’s charger do the iconic wheelie. 

THQ NORDIC to Announce Two New Games At Gamescom

THQ Nordic is going to show off 8 games games 2 have yet to be announced. They are showing off ELEX, RPG Battle Chaser: Nightwar, SpellForce 3, Aquanox: Deep Descent, Wreckfest, The Guild 3. Darksiders 3 won’t be there. The other two games are described as a kung-fu-inspired post-apocalyptic RPG. The other is a new instalment of a "well-known, mysterious and horrific" series.

Xbox Games With Gold Titles for August

Slime Rancher XBO

Trials Fusion XBO

Bayoneta X360BC

Red Faction: Armageddon X360BC

Runbow XBO

Playstation Plus Games For August

Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry PS4

Downwell PS4/VITA

Just Cause 3 PS4

Snakeball PS3

Super Motherload PS3

Level 22 VITA

Sims 4 Confirmed For Xbox One and PS4

Announcement follows recent rumours that it was being released for Xbox One. “fans can look forward to periodic game updates and extra content releases” probably just paid DLC and expansion/content packs. 

Destiny 2 Open World Activities

Public Events

Defending the object

Mighty #9 Backers Get Their Physical Rewards

Backers of Mighty No 9 boxed rewards received a build-your-own-box that they had to construct. They also received a manual that does not fit the box. The box is only for show to put on a mantel. 

Wal-Mart Cancels SNES Classic Pre-Orders

Walmart cancels pre-orders claiming it was due to a technical glitch. Pre-orders were mistakenly made available.

Pokemon Go Fans Are Suing Niantic

Pokemon Go Fest was held by the developer Niantic in late July. The goal was to have people capture Pokemon together until they captured enough Pokemon to release a legendary Pokemon. 20,000 people attended the event and were reimbursed ticket costs and gave $100 in virtual currency for the game. The event was held in Chicago but some people flew out of town to attend. Between 30-50 people are joined together in a class-action lawsuit. They are looking to have only travel costs paid out to the clients who came from out of town. 

Player Unknown Battlegrounds Update Pushed To August 3rd

New update will include first person servers, FOV slider for first-person and a new rifle. They will be adding three new crates August 3rd. All three crates will include Battle Royal inspired costumes. These crates are called Wanderer, Survivor and Gamescom Invitational Crate. The Gamescom Invitation Crate will be testing a key and crate system similar to CS:GO. Each key will be worth $2.50 and all proceeds will be going to the Gamescom event paying for support costs and add to the prize pool and support a selection of charities. The current prize pool is $350,000. The Gamescom Invitational Crate will only be available while the tournament is happening and will end on August 27th. 

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