Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 29: I Can Be Your Daddy

August 11, 2017

 This week we learn a lot about ourselves. We learn that eating an entire bag of spicy chips can lead to stomach problems. We also learn that Ben and Thomas have a special connection. 

News Topics          

House Party Back on Steam

House party is back on steam but now with censor bars. They will have an update later that will remove them

Sounds like Eek Games and Steam had to bargain! . 

Firebrand and Dormammu Confirmed 

Firebrand and Dormammu return to Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

Resident Revelations 1 and 2 Coming to Switch

Persona 5 Anime Coming 2018

No word on if it will release in USA.

Persona 5 Dancing Star Night Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night Announced

Persona dancing games coming to the Playstation 4 and Vita next spring in Japan. No mention of release outside of Japan. These will be separate games. Looks like Persona 3 has new assets and are uprezzed models. Could it mean Persona 3 remake?

Bioware Montreal Merged into EA Motive

BioWare Montreal was reduced to a support studio back in May. The studio was moved into Motive’s offices. In a statement to Techraptor from EA they said that they are merging BioWare Montreal with Motive Studios. Motive is working on the new Jade Raymond game. Jade is working on Battlefront 2 plus the untitled Star Wars game with Visceral. Jade is known for being a producer on Assassin’s Creed. 

Stardew Valley Multiplayer On Track For 2018

Players can build up to three cabins on their farm.  Players can help mine, farm and fish. They won’t be able to schedule festivals or end the day by sleeping. No plan for offline coop. Says they are toying with the idea of player to player marriage. Planning PC Beta for multiplayer for the end of the year and officially releasing in 2018. It will still be first to console for the Switch. 

SNES Classic Edition Pre-Order Will Be Live in August

Nintendo has said they will have pre-orders available late August. No word on the retailers that will offer pre-orders.

GameStop is Giving Away 100 NES Classic Editions

This giveaway is available for Power Up members. The giveaway is happening for the month of August. 

Kickstarted Game Unsung Story Developer Passes Rights To New Company

After three years, and $660,126, Playdek has passed the rights onto Little Orbit. Little Orbit has been known for Barbie, Adventure Time, and Kung Fu Panda games on consoles and DS. Unsung Story was on target to become a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics from Yasumi Matsuno. Little Orbit has also taken over the Kickstarter page. Matsuno’s involvement is unclear other than he has made a game and story design. Little Orbit will be starting from scratch and is focusing on the original single player game. Little Orbit is honoring the Kickstarter backer rewards with no extra cost. Meaning that the cost will be coming from Little Orbit themselves. 

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