Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 27: Atari: The Last Bill Bender

July 28, 2017

News Topics

ESPN Makes Street Fighter Change Cammy Outfit During Stream

During the top 8 in the EVO Street Fighter 5 tournament. ESPN requested that Kazunoko change Cammy’s outfit to her formal costume rather than using the default costume.


Super Smash Bros Mod Reveals Combat Arena

Wavedash Games announced at EVO 2017 they are releasing a new game titled Icons: Combat Arena.


Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: Jedah Announced


BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Announced

Next project from Arc System Works. This game includes characters from various anime/anime games. This includes Persona 4, RWBY. Teases 2018 release date.


Ataribox Setting Up Crowdfunding Campaign

Atari published the following note to its French investors regarding the Ataribox: "To limit risk taking, this product will initially be launched within the framework of a crowdfunding campaign." This sounds similar to the Ouya.


Atari Speakerhat

This will be the first in the Atari Connected Life. Multiplayer mode will allow others with speakerhats connect together and play music out of multiple speakerhats.


Kingdom Hearts 3 shows off Toy Story World


Mario Kart Arcade GP VR

Fully immersive experience. Uses VIVE VR system. Drive a simulated kart cabinet. Developed by Bandai Namco. Is an attraction at Tokyo Arcade VR Zone Shinjuku.


Doom 6.66 Update Remove Season Pass All DLC Free

“That’s three multiplayer DLC packs, which include nine of our best maps, three additional guns, three additional playable demons, new equipment, armor sets and more. That’s on top of the modes and features, like bot support, that players have been enjoying since late last year”


Call of Duty WW2 Cast Announced

David Tennant (Doctor Who, Jessica Jones), Katheryn Winnick (Vikings), Elodie Yung (Marvel's Daredevil), and Udo Kier (Blade, Armageddon)


Cryptocurrency Market Declining

Crypto miners have been buying up GPUs to help them mine for cryptocurrency creating scarcity and driving up the demand and costs of the GPUs such as the 1070/1080. Now that cryptocurrencies are starting to decline such as Ethereum and cards have been posted on eBay for sale.


Casey Hudson Returns to Bioware Edmonton

Aaryn Flynn GM of BioWare Edmonton will be leaving and handing off the role to Casey Hudson. Casey left in August 2014. Casey was known for being the lead on the Mass Effect Trilogy. Aaryn Flynn has been involved in major titles such as Neverwinter Knights, KOTOR, Jade Empire.


UBISOFT Might Have Battlegrounds-like Gameplay

Yves Guillemot responded to a question about Battlegrounds.


“Rainbow Six continues to grow, and the time spent on the game is increasing, so we didn't see any competition from that game. But we look at what those guys are doing, and it's a type of gameplay that is very interesting and that maybe is something you'll see in some of the DLCs we do on some of our games in the future.”


Nintendo Trademark Hints Nintendo 64


Splatoon 2 Splatfest Mayo or Ketchup


More Customization Coming to Battlegrounds

Not a lot of info just that there is more customization coming like adding tattoos.


PlayerUnknown Bans Well-Known Streamer

Dr. DisRespect plays a character on Twitch. He team killed someone and was temp banned. Brendan Greene and this character had a back and forth then the Dr. threatened Brendan with violence in a joking way. Brendan’s response:


"Suggesting violence is the best way to solve a disagreement is just wrong, even if you are playing a character,"


He also shared out a personal story about being a victim of violence and ended with


“All I ask from anyone that reads this is to consider that your words, however flippant they may be, could have unintended effects on those reading them.”

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